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手動石磨機械自推出以來,深受用戶青睞,憑借自身實力贏得了市場的信賴,這主要歸于該機械本身的石磨面粉優勢等,下面來簡單講講內容吧。 S

Since its launch, manual stone grinding machine has been favored by users and won the trust of the market with its own strength, which is mainly due to the advantages of stone grinding flour of the machine itself. Let's talk about the content briefly below.
Flour is a daily necessity advocated by people, and manual stone grinding machinery is the main equipment for flour production. Flour produced by low-speed and low-temperature processing method has strong aroma of wheat and rich in nutrients. The minerals contained in the stone mill also increase the nutrition of flour, which can be said to be of many benefits.
There are generally two kinds of flour processed by manual stone mill: whole wheat flour and pure wheat flour, which are original, healthy, delicious and nutritious. In the past, people used stone mill to produce flour mostly by hand, but the development of motor not only solved the mechanical power problem of stone powder, but also greatly improved the output of manual stone mill machinery and met the market demand for stone powder.
The manual stone grinding machine completely retains the nutrients of raw wheat. Low speed grinding and low temperature processing will not destroy the nutrients in wheat. Therefore, stone flour retains the protein, gluten, carotene and carbohydrate in wheat to a great extent. Compound, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, B2 and other nutrients. Therefore, the stone flour produced by manual stone grinding machine allows you to enjoy delicious food, find the taste in your memory and embark on the road of health.
Help manufacturers of manual stone grinding machinery reduce costs, improve work efficiency, and quickly produce qualified and delicious flour, which will be continuously provided to the market.
During the operation of the manual stone grinding machine, pay attention to the motion state of the screen body and observe whether the amplitude of the four corners of the screen body is consistent with that of the upper and lower sides. If the amplitude of the four corners is not equal, check whether the materials in the warehouse are blocked and whether the hanging device is normal; If the upper and lower amplitudes are unequal, the vertical position of the weighting block needs to be checked during equipment maintenance after eliminating the influencing factors such as blockage in the bin.
With large volume and heavy equipment, taking failure as the starting point is likely to lead to major accidents. Once the equipment is running, it is difficult to eliminate the fault. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check the connection between the hanging device, bin door, transmission mechanism, inlet and outlet pipe and cloth bucket, and start the equipment only after preparation. The flat screen needs to be started in a fully static state. When the full-automatic stone mill is shut down, it is necessary to shut down the flat screen first.
The introduction and use of manual stone grinding machine have been explained. If you need it, please pay attention to our website www.evgreencarinsurance.com COM, the customer service staff will answer your questions in detail!
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